Suva10K 2017 Team Marathon Results

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Suva10K 2017 Team Marathon Results

The Suva Marathon Club team – consisting of Kennol Narayan, Raj Prasad, Nitesh Narayan and Bridget Marie finished in a collective time of 2:55 to take first place in the team event.

Anna Cowley, a familiar face from the annual marathon events, having won the women’s marathon 3 times in the last 4 years, and her team ‘Anna, Danna, Ranna +2’ finished second with a collective time of 3:11.

Team Mana, having won the mixed team event in July Mana Island finished in third place – with a time of 3:38 the Suva conditions perhaps having an effect!

Suva10K Team Marathon Winners

  • Suva Marathon Club: 2.55
  • Anna, Danna, Ranna +2: 3:11
  • Mana Island: 3:38

Suva10K Team Marathon Results

Team PlacingTeam #LetterTeam nameTeam TimeIndividual TimeIndividual Placing
13062dSuva Marathon Club2:55:160:36:101
13062aSuva Marathon Club2:55:160:38:392
13062cSuva Marathon Club2:55:160:42:284
13062bSuva Marathon Club2:55:160:57:5914
23067bAnna Danna Ranna + 23:11:000:41:343
23067dAnna Danna Ranna + 23:11:000:45:105
23067aAnna Danna Ranna + 23:11:000:52:068
23067cAnna Danna Ranna + 23:11:000:52:109
33057aMana Island3:38:560:52:2310
33057dMana Island3:38:560:52:4511
33057bMana Island3:38:560:53:0012
33057cMana Island3:38:561:00:4817
43065aMushroom 14:11:340:49:166
43065cMushroom 14:11:340:49:166
43065bMushroom 14:11:341:05:2421
43065dMushroom 14:11:341:27:3826
53070cRun Joy Team 14:16:570:59:1115
53070dRun Joy Team 14:16:571:01:1518
53070aRun Joy Team 14:16:571:05:2320
53070bRun Joy Team 14:16:571:11:0823
63068dEY Bustapants Wools4:17:020:55:4013
63068bEY Bustapants Wools4:17:020:59:2316
63068cEY Bustapants Wools4:17:021:08:2522
63068aEY Bustapants Wools4:17:021:13:3425
73069bNo name5:25:091:03:1419
73069aNo name5:25:091:11:4724
73069cNo name5:25:091:35:0427
73069dNo name5:25:091:35:0427
83056aVETeam & Family6:50:551:38:3629
83056dVETeam & Family6:50:551:41:2530
83056cVETeam & Family6:50:551:45:2631
83056bVETeam & Family6:50:551:45:2832
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