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Flora pro-activ Suva 10k 2017

More than just a fun run!

The Suva 10k 2019 is all about community. It is open to everyone to participate, from local and international runners, corporate groups to families and individuals. Simplifying everything, the course is a single 10 km run , run as far as you want! We encourage people with disabilities and everyone from our community to take part.

Building on the success of previous very successful running and fitness events, and driven by a common purpose, the Suva 10k 2019 is going to be an even bigger event this year, complete with training programs and monthly Time Trials leading up to it in Suva. Together we are all dedicated to realising our vision of getting everyone in the South Pacific out there running and walking. The countdown has begun for this premium event which will be held on Saturday 2nd November 2019!

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Flora Pro-Activ Suva 10k

We invite all of you to train with us along the seawall or around Suva on a day that suits you. Our social runs are a great way to motivate each other! Our weekly timed run is on Thursday nights and our monthly Time Trails are on the first Saturday of every month.

There are options to join us for swimming and biking sessions through the week as well if you are looking for low impact options between runs. Please contact the club member contacts via email or mobile if you have any questions or just to let them know when to expect you.

You can also contact us here if you would like to join in.

Start time: 5.15pm for 7km, 5.30pm for 5km

Meeting place: Park outside entrance to Suva Bowling Club and look for runners

Distance: 7km, 5km

Contacts: Email Marita or Gina

We’ve starting up our weekly Thursday afternoon timed runs to ramp up for the 2017 events. Come and join us for a 5.15pm start from the Suva Bowling Club for a 5km or 7km run.

Start time: 6:30am 10K stuart, 7.00am 5K start

Meeting place: Suva Bowling Club, end of the road, find our start line.

Distance: 10km, 5km

Contacts: Email Marita or Gina

We’ll be doing time trial runs which will eventually be qualifying runs for IAAF and Athletics Fiji qualification times, as well as just fun running along the seawall. Join us on a Saturday morning for tips and tricks on how to get up to 10km or marathon length running. An excellent opportunity to gauge how you are doing for the upcoming event on 22nd July 2017!

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